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By Clement Bonnet, Scott Chow, Michael Daly, Pingni Eng, Sharon Huang, Farzana Ismail, Philip Jackson, Sung Hoon Kim, Wen Yee Lee, Atsushi Okawa, and Richard Payne
29 August 2023


Clement Bonnet

Hong Kong Tel: 852 2147 9678

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Scott Chow

Hong Kong Tel: 852 2152 3801

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Michael Daly

Hong Kong Tel: 852 2152 3138

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Pingni Eng

Singapore Tel: 65 632 72310

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Sharon Huang

Beijing Tel: 86 10 85233189

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Farzana Ismail

Kuala Lumpur Tel: 60122432688

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Philip Jackson

Mumbai Tel: 91 22 67848413

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Sung Hoon Kim

Seoul Tel: 82 2 32762500

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Wen Yee Lee

Singapore Tel: 65 6327 2302

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Atsushi Okawa


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Richard Payne

Hong Kong Tel: 852 2152 3890

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