Health microinsurance: Healthcare and incidence rate questionnaire

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By Lisa Morgan, John D. Meerschaert | 01 February 2010

In order to launch new health microinsurance products, actuaries and other healthcare professionals will be involved at the pricing stage as technical advisors. In this paper, we provide technical advisors with some guidelines and a tool for collecting healthcare pricing data where none exists or where what exists is unreliable. These tools are provided to the reader as a set of appendices.

To date, health microinsurance products are not prevalent, despite recognition that microinsurance can help provide healthcare in countries where it might not otherwise be accessible. Why? The difficulty in pricing health microinsurance products is one of the major barriers to entry. The value of our guidelines and tools is that they can help to lower this barrier and thereby simplify the establishment of these potentially helpful products in countries that need another layer of healthcare financing.


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