The cost of inpatient death associated with acute coronary syndrome

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By Durgesh Bhandary, Greta L Hoetzer, Kavita V Nair, Robert L Page, II, Vahram Ghushchyan, Jill Van Den Bos, Travis J. (T.J.) Gray | 25 February 2016

The cost of hospitalization for acute coronary syndrome (ACS) is expensive and continues to rise. In terms of direct medical expenditures, ACS costs Americans more than $150 billion annually, with approximately 60% to 75% of these costs related to hospital admission and readmission. No studies have addressed the cost of inpatient mortality during an ACS admission. This article compares ACS-related length of stay, total admission cost, and total admission cost by day of discharge/death for patients who died during an inpatient admission with a matched cohort discharged alive following an ACS-related inpatient stay.

This article was published by PubMed.

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